iPhone 6/7/8/SE L7 Case for Square

iPhone 6/7/8/SE L7 Case for Square
iPhone 6/7/8 L7 Case for Square - L7 Case
iPhone 6/7/8 L7 Case for Square - L7 Case
iPhone 6/7/8 L7 Case for Square - L7 Case
iPhone 6/7/8 L7 Case for Square - L7 Case
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  • Fits both types of Square readers [Magstripe and Contactless/Chip]
  • Compatible with iPhone SE (2020 model) and iPhone 6/7/8
  • Access all iPhone controls and charging ports
  • Charge Square contactless + chip reader in case
  • Durable, stain-resistant material
  • Comfortable, non-slip grip

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A Complete Register in Your Hands and On the Go


The innovative design uses seamlessly combines your Square NFC Reader and magstripe reader with your iPhone.

L7 Case around iPhone 7 floating
Your Transactions, Simplified

Process transactions whether it's Tap, Dip, or Swipe faster by keeping your Square Reader on hand with your mobile POS.

Accept Payments Anywhere

With a data connection, you can process transactions anywhere conveniently while getting to waiting customers faster.

Durable Design

A snug fit made with strong TPU and stain-resistant polycarbonate to protect against accidental drops.

Customer Transactions Sped Up With L7 Case for iPhone 6/7/8

Latest Payment Standards

Combine Square's NFC & chip reader and magstripe attachment with your iPhone 6/7/8/SE in one package to accept any kind of credit card payment, even Apple Pay and Android Pay!

L7 iPhone Case used with Square Reader for payments anywhere

Speed Up Transactions

Perfect for servers, baristas, and shop owners, the L7 Case helps increase your transactions per hour by conveniently packing everything needed for a transaction.

Convenient Mobile POS System made with L7 Case, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and Square Reader

Easy Mobile Payments

Designed for business owners looking for an easy solution to carry and protect your Square mobile POS system with easy access to every charging port and feature.

Fits iPhone 6/7/8/SE

The L7 Case fits iPhone 6/7/8/SE with the appropriate port locations and recesses for full accessibility.

Seamlessly Add Square

Combine the NFC reader to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and chip cards, with a recess for Magstripe Reader.

Access Every Charge Port

Recesses built-in allow you to charge the iPhone and the Square Reader simultaneously, without losing functionality.

iPhone 6/7/8/SE in L7 Case for Mobile POS System
Durable Materials

Made from strong TPU and stain-resistant polycarbonate for premium drop protection in work environments.

Faster Transactions

Convenient mobile checkout empowers servers and employees to complete more transactions per hour.

One-Year Warranty

Guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship for an entire year after purchase.

What is


Accept Every Way Your Customers Want To Pay
Made for contactless and chip

One Reader, two ways to get paid: Accept Apple Pay™ (and other NFC Payments) and EMV chip cards, too.

Pocket-size and powerful

Packed with a powerful battery, the reader connects wirelessly to your iOS device.

Works with the Square App

Square's free point-of-sale app takes care of payments, tipping, inventory reports, and more.

Get started free
at square.com/go/free.

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